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Porcelain alcohol ink ornament {Candy Cane Forest}

A very fond memory from my childhood was sitting with my Mom in our cozy living room with the fireplace roaring and a bowl of popcorn and a bowl of cranberries between us. We watched our favorite Christmas Movies and slowly strung popcorn and cranberries onto twine to drape over our fresh-cut Christmas Tree. 🎄 It was a magical and cozy time that I will never forget. 

There was always something handmade on our tree. Some years we would get more creative and make paper angels or sewn ornaments. Making ornaments is a yearly tradition for me now and my own Christmas Tree is full of handmade ornaments that I have made or collected from other artisans. They offer an original and charming element that you can't often find with mass-produced items. 

I'd like to offer a small collection of lovingly handcrafted ornaments that may or may not have been created while watching some of our favorite Christmas Movies 😉 It's never too early. 

I would be honored to be a part of your family holiday tradition going forward.


These large porcelain ornaments have been adorned with beautiful fluid alcohol ink artwork. They have been finished with many coats of protective varnish but caution should be taken to put them on the side of the tree not directly exposed to light and packed carefully at the end of the season. If these steps are taken your ornament should be enjoyed for many many years to come. 

We make every attempt to represent colors as accurately as possible, but be aware that differences among screens and paint pigments may result in variations. Please read our Shipping and Return Policy before purchasing.

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