Art + O + Mat

In 1997 Clark Whittington had the genius idea to display his art in a obsolete cigarette vending machine at a solo exhibition in Winston Salem, NC. The idea was an instant hit and continued with other artists offering their tiny art in this original machine. 

Now they are full of curated art from all over the world and can be collected for only 5 bucks!!! It's a great way to start an art collection on a budget. 

Art O Mat machines are all over the USA and world. To find an art o mat machine near you check out their website here

I am proud to have my tiny abstract pieces as a part of this awesome idea that puts art in the hands of people all over the world. 

Have you collected my art? I'd love to hear from you? Where did you collect it? Where do you live? 

Here are a couple of my Art O Mat collections so far.



Happy abstract Series

A fun mix of color and pattern with a bright and shiny finish. You can find these in Art O Mat machines all over the USA.

Did you collect my art? I would love to hear from you!