Coaching for Creatives

What is Creativity Coaching

As creatives, we are often not short on ideas or inspiration. While ideas and inspiration can be a beautiful blessing at times they can also feel overwhelming.

Imagine that you have someone who will really listen to you and take the time to dive deep into your thoughts and ideas. Someone who can help to navigate the myriad of decisions and directions that we can go as creatives. The sky is the limit but only if we know how to fly. 

Creativity Coaching can help with things like:

Artist Block,Self Doubt, Fear of failure, Procrastination,Imposter syndrome,Feelings of Isolation, Issues around building an online presence and so much more.

Coaching is basically your friend and mentor all rolled into one. Please contact me for more details.

You don't have to do it alone.

I believe that if you have a desire to create in anyway then that is a clue that you where given the glorious gift of creativity. Your soul wants to explore this and to uncover the gifts that you have to give yourself and the world. Let me support you to have the courage to express yourself and to quiet the negative talk around your creativity.

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