Soulful Odyssey Collection

Soulful Odyssey Collection

I am so excited to share my very first art collection with you! This collection includes acrylic fluid abstract art, alcohol ink, mixed media and acrylic abstracts. 

Soulful Odyssey

If you could see her soul it would astound you. If you could glimpse her full beauty it would transcend all that you know. To know her is to experience otherworldly depths of love, grace, beauty, and wisdom. She's fluid like water but strong like a tree. She's everything all at once and all that can be. 

All of these works were intuitive and inspired by Mother Nature or Gaia and the  energies that surround all living beings. Whether we know it or not we each have an energy field that is constantly swirling around us. Those energies change colors based on our moods and feelings. These energies that we emit around our being can also draw and repel certain things into our existence. Things like a smile from a stranger, an unexpected amount of money or that perfect parking spot right near the door. Of course we can also push those things away if our energy does not resonate with it. 

The ocean, birds, trees and the wind have invisible energy fields. I like to imagine or intuit these energies and create them in 2D form with fluid layers of color and movement.

Here are a couple of pieces from The Soulful Odyssey Collection

Oceania Original Alcohol Ink Art

Abalone Shell #1 Original Art Collection

Intertwined Original Art Collection

Crystal Vision Original Canvas Art

This is a small sampling of the collection. To view the collection in it's entirety please visit here 

I hope you enjoy and find something that speaks to your SOUL! Love Cat  


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